Hint for crafting


1. Hardcopy

  • playboard, pegs and counters, rules, cards and accessories as described at our internet pages
    ( Internet Explorer)

  • Print in best quality.


2. Paper

  • We recommend using good quality paper, in particular for card games

    Notice: The better the texture and the resolution the better the quality of the hardcopy!

  • Spielpläne können auch auf normalem Farbdruckerpapier ausgedruckt  und hinterher zur qualitativen Verbesserung auf dünnes Sperrholz oder Pappe aufgezogen werden.

  • Playboards may also be printed on regular paper. You can affix the hardcopy on thin plywood or paperboard to improve quality.
    In general, we recommend spraying clear varnish on the hardcopies to prevent specks and ink smearing because of moisture.
    This will improve the durability significantly.


3. Hint for saving money

  • You can find the pages you’ve visited on the history folder of your internet browser. We recommend printing hardcopies while being offline – that minimises your internet charges!


4. Hint for crafting

  • Before folding pre-crimp the edges – then the crafts will be as perfect as on our photos!
  • For pre-crimping we recommend the use of a ruler and an edgeless knife. It is also possible to use a cutter, but carefully: just scarify the surface, don’t cut it.

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